What’s your motivation for cutting your electricity use?

Most visitors to Green Energy Efficient Homes come looking for ways to save energy in their homes – and many of those want to save electricity. We’ve had over 150,000 pageviews in the past six months, and more than half of those were on pages covering electricity use – from air conditioners to electric heaters to fridges to freezers to lighting.

Why are people so eager to save electricity? Is it because costs keep rising? Is it because a tough economy is making people more focused on cutting costs? Or are people motivated by concerns over climate change, pollution, or dependence on foreign energy imports?

Our family wanted to switch to solar electric power, to cut the CO2 emissions and nuclear waste produced on our behalf by our utility. Since cutting use up front means you don’t have to spend as much on solar panels, we cut out the fat first, and got our use down to half what it was before. Then we realized that we could just buy our power from a green electricity supplier, and still wind up paying less, even with the green energy premium, than we used to pay before when we used more. So we were motivated both by environmental and money concerns.

What is your motivation for wanting to save electricity? Is it:

  • Wanting to cut back on smog in the air you breathe?
  • Opposition to nuclear power?
  • CO2 emissions and climate change?
  • Struggling to make ends meet?

Let us know your motivations, and what you’re doing (or planning to do) to save electricity. Just add a comment below with your ideas. For shorter comments, we’ll just include them on this page; for really good ones that are long enough, we’ll create a new post for the comment. You’ll have a page of your own on our site!

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