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I have a main Home energy efficiency questions page where I link to many pages of efficiency questions and answers on Green Energy Efficient Homes. If the answer you’re after (or the question you’re asking) isn’t already covered, why not ask it here?

You can also view questions answered here that weren’t covered in the main FAQ, or answer any questions you see here where you think you know the answer. Feel free to comment on the answers provided by others as well.

To ask a question, just post a comment below with your question. Provide any details that will help me (or other site visitors) provide a sensible answer. If the question is particularly interesting (and I feel I can offer a useful answer), I’ll create a new page for the question and the answer, and let you know about it if you leave your email address.

To answer another visitor’s question, just click the Reply link beneath their question.

I pay special attention to user posts on this page, and I try to answer all posts personally, but it sometimes takes a few days, so please be patient. Note that no links are allowed in any post comments.

By posting a comment (question or answer), on this or other FAQ pages on my site, you agree to the following conditions: You maintain copyright over your comment, but grant us (Green Energy Efficient Homes Inc.) a non-exclusive and fully paid-up right to use your post on our site, including for purposes compatible with educating the public about energy efficiency, and for promoting the information on our site.

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