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As I point out in my main article on space heaters, Energy efficient electric heaters, all electric heaters are 100% efficient at converting the energy in electricity into heat. The question you need to consider when you buy space heaters is which heater is most effective at getting that heat where you need it, when you need it? There are several kinds of heaters: infrared or quartz heaters (they send infrared radiation through the air, which is converted to heat when it strikes a solid object); ceramic heaters; simple convection heaters, convection heaters with fan; oil- or water-filled radiator heaters. None is more efficient than any other, but an infrared heater may be more suitable for drafty spaces, while an oil-filled radiator may be better suited to places where power failures are frequent, as it can store heat in the radiator liquid for longer times.

Many of my site visitors buy space heaters listed below; I have selected ones that are popular and that have had good customer reviews on I’ve also removed several heaters over the years that proved to have quality or usability problems. But remember that everything you do to cut heat losses to your home – insulating, sealing around windows and doors, using window coverings to cut down on heat loss through glass, and just learning to live with a cooler temperature – will all help cut your electricity costs if you are heating with electricity.

When you click the Buy from amazon button you will be taken to the website where you can find out more about the item (sometimes!), read customer reviews, and check for the latest prices – and where you know you can buy with confidence in Amazon’s outstanding customer service.


I have made every effort to ensure the information and photographs on this page are accurate and up to date. However, manufacturers may change the appearance of products or they or suppliers may have provided out-of-date photographs. If you do decide to buy an energy saving product through my pages on Amazon’s website, make sure to check the information provided by the supplier or manufacturer on to ensure it is what you want.

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  1. Norna Taylor
    Norna Taylor says:

    My crawl space has pipes on the wall from
    the bathroom above. Pipes are wrapped &
    place is insulated well as possible. I have
    an electric heater with a safety shutoff, but
    it is not always effective. Electric bill is very high.


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