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Plug In thermostats let you control the operation of a plug-in device based on a temperature range. These devices can help you save energy in a number of ways. For instance they’re great for:

  • Having a block heater warm your car engine block only when it’s cold out
  • Running a bubbler (to de-ice around a dock) only when it’s below 32°F/0°C
  • Controlling fans or electric heaters in unattended areas such as barns, food storage, or any area needing protection from temperature extremes

These thermostats come in both pre-programmed temperature range, and programmable models. The Thermo Cube line are pre-programmed; temperature ranges are indicated for each one.

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Pre-programmed plug-in thermostats

There are two flavors of these: cold-weather (turn on when temperature falls below a lower temperature; turn off when temperature rises above a higher temperature) and hot-weather (on above higher temperature, off below lower temperature).

Programmable plug-in thermostats

You can program these thermostats to turn on and off at any chosen temperature. The WIN100 model gets rave reviews. The Suncourt model is designed specifically for HVAC duct fans, but can also be used for alarms, heat lamps, lights, louvers, or any other 120V device.

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