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If you have a serious dampness problem, it’s important to look for an ENERGY STAR qualified dehumidifier, as you’ll quickly earn back the extra cost of an efficient unit in electricity savings.

I have carefully screened a large number of dehumidifiers available on, and chosen some of the most popular models: 21 standard models, and 5 low-temperature models for use in colder areas such as unheated basements and crawl spaces (but see my Crawl space heater article for a better way to solve crawl space humidity). All these models are ENERGY STAR qualified, although that is not always clear from the Amazon listings. Low temperature models are identified with “Low temp” in the description. All dehumidifiers here have an energy factor of 1.85.

I’ve also included two hygrometers for measuring indoor humidity levels.

25- and 30-pint dehumidifiers

45- and 50-pint dehumidifiers

60- and 70-pint dehumidifiers


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